Patrol Services


Commercial and Private Patrol Services are utilized by everyone from individuals and families to private communities and large corporations.

Commercial Patrol Services

We are commonly contracted by large and small companies who do not retain a permanent security staff, but like the security of having their property checked to ensure doors are locked, equipment is turned off and to show there is a security presence. If you do have a full-time security staff, we are available to fill in the gaps during vacations or other absences.  We can provide Commercial Patrol Services on a temporary as well as long-term (semi-permanent) basis.

Our foot patrol officers can walk the property perimeter or patrol building interiors, providing after-hours door checking, lock-ups (as well as unlocks), CCTV tape changes and electronic surveillance system review, alarm response, and various other duties.

Security “Welfare” Checks

We also provide welfare checks to manufacturing plants that operate graveyard shifts, as well as various types of after hour’s business operations and such as retail outlets, restaurants, night clubs, convenience stores, service stations and more. Our patrol officer will also conduct staff checks for attendance and/or duty performance, and can be provide a written report or complete an attendance register.

Mobile Patrol Services

Protective Services also provides Mobile Patrol Services for our clientele in the Northern tier of Pennsylvania.  The mobile patrol division is designed to accommodate customers who have large areas to cover such as an industrial complex or a private community.

Residential (Private) Patrol Services

Residential Patrol Services provide families with that extra feeling of security while they are away. You can request temporary Private Patrol Services of your home while you are away on vacation. Residential Patrol Services are also popular for second homes and vacation homes. If you have a vacation home or split your time between two locations, then Residential Patrol Services is an ideal way to protect against potential problems. Unoccupied residences are prime targets for thieves and vandals.

The regular presence of our security patrol is often all it takes to discourage would-be criminals.

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We’ll keep an eye on your house while you’re away so you can relax and enjoy your vacation.